Robots vs Zombies

My name is Shawn. Most people just call me The Shawnzie though. Im from SW Iowa. I like lots of stuff, and even more things. Comic books, cartoons, movies, adventures, Harry Potter, Star Wars. You know, all the best things in life. If you got questions, Id be more than happy to answer them. Dont be shy.


a-pgf asked
Well I'm kinda asking you. Tell me what you think. I need that from you.

I think you just wanna be friends because you’re scared. Scared to let your heart feel the way it used to and still does for me deep down. I think you also don’t want to let those feelings out because you don’t want me to do anything brash and mess up my life. If any of that makes sense. I know you love me. I know you care deeply about me. I just think most of why you just want to be friends is because of fear holding you back.

Pretty much having an identity crisis right now…. Hold on or let go. :(