Robots vs Zombies

My name is Shawn. Most people just call me The Shawnzie though. Im from SW Iowa. I like lots of stuff, and even more things. Comic books, cartoons, movies, adventures, Harry Potter, Star Wars. You know, all the best things in life. If you got questions, Id be more than happy to answer them. Dont be shy.


When you alphabetize your movies, do you put the numbers at the start or at the end?

Things From My Christmas Wish List Day 1 & 2

So yes its that time of year again. You know. CHRISTMAS! DUH! So in honor of that. And because you all love me so much, and want to get me things. I will be posting one item off of my Christmas wish list every day until Christmas day. But dont think you will be getting nothing in return. For everyone who gets me something I will make a personalized drawing (I promise it will be good, or good-ish) and send it to them. If you do get me something, just contact me through my ask box, and I’ll get you the info on my address and what not. Happy Christmas you lovely fuckers!

Day 1: S.H.I.E.L.D. patch.  Pick it up here.

Day 2: Welcome To The Grind House Double Feature: Superchick/Hustler Squad DVD. Pick it up here.

Birthday Wish List Item #11 of the day

One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Those Brits really know their comedy!
If you get it for me you can come watch it with me!!!! Get it here.

Birthday Wish List Items #7 & 8 of the day

For # 7 I would like an original pressing of Dark Side Of The Moon, preferably the UK pressing, but I know thats next to impossible, so an original US pressing will do just fine and be super epic. I guess I would also just take a re-issue of any kind as long as its vinyl.

For #8 I would like the Exit Through The Gift Shop dvd. Probably one of the coolest most entertaining Docs Ive ever seen.

The record you can probably pick up on Ebay or Amazon. The DVD you can most def get on Amazon.